Daisy Payne BA(hons) Geography

I have always loved tea but my first thoughts about making my passion into a career where when I was at university. During my favourite module I wrote an essay on tea and cultural practices. I began my research and was amazed by the amount that there was to learn about something that I had taken for granted for so many years.

My research focused on environmental, social and cultural aspects of tea, investigating how tea was sourced and the initiatives taken by certain companies to ensure ethical sourcing. I analysed the work of the ethical tea partnership and I would love to work within this realm of tea. Whether that is sourcing the tea or helping to develop and implement projects that would help to alleviate some of these pressures.

Tea quickly became a passion and I would tell anyone who would listen all about it and I had a new respect for the drink I had everyday. After University I began working for the Civil Service. I kept up my interest in the topic and began to learn more and more about how tea is produced. I ventured to try as many teas as I could visiting tea shops and even attended a few tea tasting events. I love to read books and articles about tea so I can continue to learn and keep up to date.

For me moving to Canada made for a great opportunity to get a job working in tea to see if it was really where I saw my career developing. I researched tea places in Vancouver before I arrived and really liked the look of Granville Island Tea Company. I even said to my family that I might just go there everyday until they agree to give me a job. It so happened that within my first week in Vancouver I visited the shop and they were hiring. I handed them my resume and began working there a few days later. My question around whether a career in tea was right for me was immediately answered.

The job has given me a great opportunity to develop my knowledge of a great variety of teas as the shop carries around 200 varieties. I love chatting to customers about tea and sharing my knowledge.

I have become greatly involved in the shop taking on more and more responsibility. I have found that the more I am in the shop the more I want to explore tea as a career option and work within a major tea company. I have begun to develop my taste palette and learn about tea from different regions and estates, this is a skill I wish to master.

My aim therefore with this blog is to begin to share the knowledge that I have built. I am going to talk about as many things as I can and share my experiences of tea. I am hoping that this platform will help me to further develop my knowledge and to showcase my passion.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!